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Leadership and Personal Development

Emergent Systems offers training and development services to enhance our client's ability to master the skills and knowledge necessary to be competitively viable both now and in the future. These include the identification of present and future leadership and management development needs; design and implementation of individual and group-based learning programs; individual coaching and training.

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Executive Assessment & Coaching

Individualized assessment of top management strengths and areas of need for personal and professional development; especially in the areas of interpersonal skills, leadership style and personal effectiveness. Customized executive coaching and education tailored to meet the learning objectives and schedule of the individual.

Career and Life Planning

Individual and group programs are available to enhance the career self-reliance of employees and to harmonize the abilities, interests and values with the organizational purpose, mission and strategies.

Gary Merrill has eleven years experience as a senior executive in outplacement management, giving him a deep understanding of what the challenges and demands are in career transitions. He specializes in helping those who want to find ways to live and work that are more congruent with their core values.

Presentation Preparation

Michelle Merrill is available to coach you on presentation preparation, using Power Point presentation software and incorporating images in your presentations.

Michelle is also available to give keynote addresses or presentations on a variety of topics, including:

Sim-Bio-Sys: Life as a Business Partner
Sources of Inspiration and the Emergence of Sustainable Technologies
Great Apes and the Evolution of Culture

Leadership and Management Development

Identifying management and leadership needs and developing “action learning” plans to meet them; designing, conducting and/or locating training and development program to meet individual and organizational needs.

Team Development

Consultation and specialized training to executive, management and work teams to improve intra and inter group communication, role understanding and overall team effectiveness.

Emerging Theories of Business and Leadership

Customized educational programs on the emerging scientific theories of living and self-organizing systems, ecology, and complexity and their implications for organizational leadership, management and design.

Change Management Workshops

Customized educational programs for managers and employees to: 1) enhance understanding of the specific changes underway, the process of change and transition and the effects of change on people; 2) develop strategies and skills for managing self, others and work during times of change.

Emergent Systems Consulting
Adaptive Transformation Strategies for Vital Organizations and Individuals

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