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Emergent Systems offers a range of strategic consulting services designed to increase the market viability, cultural vitality and ecological sustainability of our client organizations. We employ science-based theories and methods, including unique computer-assisted decision support systems and web-based collaboration tools, to foster collaborative learning, innovation and strategy development.

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Creative Strategic Thinking

Creative Strategic Thinking (CST) is a process of data collection, evaluation and action planning that combines tested group process techniques with state of the art computer assisted decision support. The philosophy, process and technology have been developed and refined over the last thirty years by Dr. George Land and proven effective in several hundred organizations worldwide.

In contrast to traditional problem solving approaches that attempt to "fix things" or "get things back to normal," CST is designed to tap into the creativity of a group and to seek out the areas of greatest and most effective opportunities. Rather than trying to find out "what's wrong," the process begins from the premise that a group can create the "ideal future." Working backwards from a perspective of great success, the process assists the group in defining the strategies and tactics that will produce that success.

The planning process is further enhanced by a computerized data collection and analysis system. This system, knows as CoNexus®, allows for full and equal participation of each member of the group regardless of group composition, politics or other group dynamics by allowing every member to have an equal and private vote. Additionally, the system allows for nearly instantaneous display and interpretation of voting results. Consequently, the process increases ownership of the results while saving the group valuable time.

Stakeholder Engagement

We facilitate Stakeholder Engagement to develop positive and equitable change, utilizing our knowledge of group process and interactive technologies. CoNexus® technology enhances the equity and ease of gathering information and opinions from the community, customers, interest groups, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders who are impacted by the activities and decisions of your organization. This process allows for shared insights and an alignment of values and interests, by quickly reflecting the preferences and opinions of participants.

Customer Research

Discovery of what customers value in current or proposed products and services. Utilizing a unique and proprietary qualitative research process, clients can gain a clear understanding of customer needs and satisfaction, develop and test advertising and marketing communication and create new products and services. CoNexus® technologies ensure accurate, unbiased understandings of customer insights. Customer perceptions are compiled and organized to facilitate immediate analysis and accurate reporting. Reports are supported by easy-to-understand graphics and provide clear direction for action planning.

Human Systems Planning & Design

Comprehensive analysis of the contribution of corporate “people systems” to organizational values, mission and business performance. Consultation regarding development and/or redesign of employee selection, training, performance feedback, career development, compensation and benefits and HRIS systems.

Organizational Assessment

Design, development, implementation and interpretation of studies to determine organizational and managerial issues that need to be resolved to improve work climate and organizational effectiveness. Employee and customer feedback studies to determine effectiveness of strategic change initiatives. Communication audits to assess effectiveness of employee communication efforts.

Workforce Redeployment

Assistance to organizations faced with the necessity of workforce redeployment such as help with policy formation, career decision support, relocation strategy development outplacement and on-site employee services for retained employees.


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